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Affiliation Cell

H-Block, Old Campus, GCUF. Allama Iqbal Road, Faisalabad

The Affiliation Cell deals with the affiliation of colleges (Government/Private) with GCUF; within the jurisdiction of Province of Punjab. The Affiliation Cell makes all type of correspondence with the colleges regarding Affiliation, Registration returns etc. Furthermore, the summaries of visit reports of the Affiliation Committee are processed and notifications of affiliation are issued to the concerned Colleges after approval of the Competent Authority. The record of amounts of Processing/Visit fee, Security Fee, University Share etc. collected from the Affiliated Colleges is maintained in the Affiliation Cell and bank drafts/cheques received in this regard are deposited in the Treasurer’s branch. All matters relating to the Sub-Campuses of Government College University, Faisalabad established at Layyah and Sahiwal are processed in the Affiliation Cell.

Affiliation Committee

The Affiliation Committee is constituted under the provisions of Government College University, Faisalabad. Ordinance 2002. The Affiliation Committee visits the colleges who want to get them affiliated with Government College University, Faisalabad and submits its report to the Competent Authority regarding infrastructure, faculty, laboratories etc. for the grant of affiliation. The following are the members of Affiliation Committee.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Amin
Prof. Dr. Farhat Abbas
Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Sultan
Dr. Abdullah Ijaz Hussain
Dr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq
EDO Education, Faisalabad
Dr. Haq Nawaz Anwer
Co-Opted Member
Muhammad Asif Lateef

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